Swap Support for Basecoin Holders (BAB)

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A while ago we started negotiations with a Brazilian project called Basecoin (BAB).
After several conversations with the developers and with the founder of the project Mr. Wendel Costa, we made an offer to acquire the Basecoin knowledge base (BAB), which include API’s developed for own portfolio and API documentation developed so far together with the Basecoin brand .

This acquisition has great importance for Jambo (JAM) because it shortens our path with development and improves our knowledge in certain areas that will soon be disclosed here on the Blog.

Despite the acquisition of the brand, we will not continue, but out of respect for the holders of Basecoin (BAB) and in agreement with the founders of Basecoin (BAB) we will grant the exchange of Basecoin (BAB) for Jambo (JAM) for all who want to migrate to the Jambo Universe.

How will the exchange be carried out?

We understand that the Basecoin supply is greater than jambo (JAM) emissions, so there will be a correction in the amount for migration that should follow the following calculation:

10 Basecoin (BAB) = 1 Jambo (JAM)

We will not have minimum or maximum amount to be exchanged, each user must show interest in the exchange by filling out the following form:

The form should be filled in with some information:

Your Basecoin wallet;
- Quantity to be swap;
- Our Marketing will call you privately via Telegram (important that you inform your user on Telegram correctly) to send the wallet that will be exchanged for BAB by JAM;
- Send a quantity of Basecoin after receiving the BAB address;
- After sending, inform the address of the transaction
- Inform the address of the Tron Wallet that you will receive the Jambo (JAM);
Once we confirm the receipt of Basecoin (BAB), Jambo Token (JAM) will be sent.


This will take place between 24h and 48h. We ask for patience in this process as we must confirm all transactions.
The exchange process will take place between 4/1/2021 until 4/15/2021. No changes will be made after this date as the Servers of Basecoin (BAB) will cease to work in this period.




Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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Jambo - JAM

Jambo - JAM

Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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