Launch of the Jambo Card platform and possibility to add new projects

Hello Jambo Universe!

Many people ask us why we call our community Jambo Universe.
The answer is very simple: We want to produce something that can involve not only the Jambo community: investors, enthusiasts, curious people, haters and even Fake users who try every day (and without success) to sell illusion as well as other partner projects that are walking with us on this incredible journey of cryptocurrencies.

In recent months we have planned, built, redone, redesigned and reorganized our ideas so that they can benefit not only Jambo, but a Universe that is part of Jambo.

We are making our efforts on this path and this journey my friends is not an easy one; the challenges of thinking collectively are even more exciting when we do it thinking outside the box, outside our comfort.

We want several projects to be part of Jambo, just as we want Jambo to be part of several projects.

Today we start a new phase at Jambo. We are officially launching JAMBO CARD, a platform in partnership with Stripe where Jambo Jam and several other projects that want to be part of this initiative will be traded.

Jambo Card

JAMBO CARD is a platform created by the JAMBO team in a practical and friendly way that allows the sale of JAMBO JAM tokens and any token from partner projects that want to trade their assets on the platform through credit card.

The understanding is simple, but the technology used is fantastic that will unify real and extremely serious projects, just like JAMBO.

We know that the novelty can raise doubts, so we have prepared a mini FAQ below so that you can answer any possible doubts:

Do I need to perform KYC to buy at JAMBO CARD?
No, your registration is limited to the name, email and address fields of the wallet that will receive the purchased tokens

Can anyone buy on JAMBO CARD?
Yes, just select the available project, choose the requested quantity, perform a mini-registration and complete the purchase through Stripe integrated in the platform.

Can I sell my JAM units or any other project on JAMBO CARD?
Initially no, but we are designing a flow to integrate the platform in the coming months

How do I know I will receive the tokens I bought on JAMBO CARD
Each user after completing the registration will be able to follow the status of the order directly on the Dashboard or via the email notifications sent after each confirmation, whether by card, operator or even by the Hash sent

How will JAMBO CARD benefit Holders?
JAMBO CARD will be the right arm of the NFT platform that we will soon launch the benefits linked to it will make sense in the launch of the NFT platform

I have a project and would like to be part of it, how should I proceed?
Just send an email to the jambo team via the address: and we will respond quickly with the procedure.

Once my project is approved, how can I track my token sales?
Each project will have its own dashboard, each order placed on the site can be followed in an exclusive area.

What do I get by adding my project to JAMBO CARD
First, send an e-mail with your interest, we will evaluate each request and answer any questions.

We know that there are other questions, so as they arrive we will update the FAQ on the site and respond quickly as much as possible on our social networks.

You can access the Jambo Card through the link:

To everyone who has read this far, thank you very much!




Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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Jambo - JAM

Jambo - JAM

Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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