Jambo Listed on the CoinCheckup research platform

Hello, Jambo universe!

It is with great pride that we announce the official listing for Jambo on the Coincodex search platform.

More about CoinCheckup:

In order to find out more about any cryptocurrency you have to do hours of research, most people don’t do this and they put themselves in a dangerous situation by investing in cryptocurrencies that have simply no solid fundamentals.

We founded CoinCheckup to give more transparency in all the cryptocurrencies on the open market. We started of by looking at the coin’s fundamentals. For example:

  • Ability to communicate with the team behind the Coin
  • Team strength (background, previous accomplishments, leadership, team diversification, etc.)
  • Advisors strength (background, previous accomplishments, etc.)
  • Product strength (open source, transparency, status of the current product, etc.)
  • Coin strength (consensus method, type of blockchain, role of the coin, etc.)
  • Business strength (incorporation, website traffic, and the above)
  • Community backing
  • Activity on social media

We created a standardized research process and we started off researching all coins and we came up with formulas to grade these coins. All researched info is available under the “Analysis tab” of the crypto coin.

Thank you for your trust!
Jambo Universe




Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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Jambo - JAM

Jambo - JAM

Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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