First Jambo contest. It’s never been easier to win Jam

Hello supporters, investors, community, enthusiasts and just curious.

Recently the Jambo Jam team started the development of its own platform to act in the NFT Market on the Tron network.

We believe that a platform on the Tron network is a big step towards other strategies involving the Jambo Universe

To heat up the promotion, today we are launching the first creative contest for the Jambo JAM community.

In this first contest, participants need to write a text about Jambo Jam that involves the importance of Jambo Jam acting in the NFT market on its own platform on the Tron network.

The text must be individual, creative and follow the following rules:

1 — Post on official channels: Medium, Twitter, FaceBook or Crypto Channel such as forums;

2 — Text: Talk about Jambo and the importance of acting in the NFT market with its own platform;

3 — Make it clear that the text is About Jambo;

3 — Image: Post at least one image using objects forming the Jambo JAM logo (use your creativity);

4 — Elected: News that have 20 likes or more;

5 — Amount of text: Up to 1500 characters.

Prize: 10K Jambo Jam that will be divided among the top 5 most voted texts.

Voting: A poll will be held with the best texts and texts that follow the requirements of the rules. Those elected will be posted for voting

Participate and send your text until 07/27/2021

Elimination: Texts copied from other sites will be disqualified.




Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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Jambo - JAM

Jambo - JAM

Jambo is a global cryptocurrency currency used for Adoption, stability and utility.

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